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Mutual appreciation is a great concern for us.

Our mission statement

1. the purpose and objective of the enterprise
We want to orientate our actions and behaviour in all areas towards the long-term secure and successful development of our company in order to achieve a profitable performance.

2. position on the market and pricing policy
We want to offer products of high quality with a corresponding price level and satisfy our customers through on-time deliveries and good service.

Through a healthy pricing policy, we want to strive for a profit situation that enables us to achieve our goals:

  • Remunerate our employees appropriately according to their performance
  • To finance our investments largely ourselves
  • To build up reserves to secure the future of the company and its employees

3. organisation
We want to always strive for the best possible conditions for achieving our goals through a clear organisational structure that is constantly adapted to the circumstances and through progressive organisational means (integrated management system).

4. personnel policy and management
Recognising that employees are the most valuable asset of our entrepreneurial activity, we want to create an open-minded and far-sighted human resources policy with progressive working conditions in which our employees feel comfortable and excel in ability, commitment and good cooperation.

We also want to encourage our employees to develop their will to perform, their initiative and their skills and lead them to act responsibly and actively in the interest of the entire company and the environment.

5. external behaviour
We want to adhere to the principles of truth, objectivity and fairness in the pursuit of our economic goals, and to build a corporate image with effective performance that creates trust in our products and in our company. Success, reputation and stability require that everyone fully identifies with the business policy and the goals set.

Procurement / Goals

Our first goal is the greatest possible customer satisfaction. We want to meet our customers' expectations in terms of products and services in the best possible way. To do this, we need the best team - our second goal. To achieve this goal, five elements are particularly important to us.

  • Mutual appreciation is a great concern for us, because every individual in our company is important.
  • For us, change and development mean cutting off old habits wherever necessary.
  • Fun and joy provide the necessary balance and create a good climate.
  • Our proper handling of information ensures smooth processes and thanks to jointly agreed goals, we all pull together ...
  • ... and for everything to work together, the best team needs Best Leadership - leaders who show the way and act as role models.

An enquiry is always worthwhile!

Are you interested in learning more about our company or our services? We will be happy to advise you personally or give you more information via our telephone number +41 (0)34 460 62 62 further information.


ROTAVER Composites AG
Plastics plant
Emmentalstrasse 100
CH-3432 Lützelflüh
Bern / Switzerland

Phone 034 460 62 62
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Office / Opening hours
  • Mon - Thu:

    07.30h - 12.00h
    13.00h - 17.00h

  • Friday:

    07.30h - 12.00h
    13.00h - 16.00h

Appointments can also be made outside opening hours upon consultation.

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