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Handeck power stations (Grimsel)

Company outing through the Handeck power plants (Grimsel)

Our company outing at the end of September 2022 led the ROTAVER-The Handeck power plants in the Grimsel massif. The KWO (Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG) plants form one of the largest and most complex hydroelectric power systems in the Alps. Since 1925, 13 power stations, eight reservoirs, 160 km of tunnels and much more have been built in numerous stages. The power plants produce sustainable electricity from renewable energy for over a million people. This is indeed an impressive pioneering achievement, as well as a feat of craftsmanship that has taken decades to complete. On the way back, we naturally visited the crystal grotto, which was discovered during the many mining operations. What you see in this grotto is simply unique in the world. A long chasm full of crystals, great illumination and all received undamaged. It's been a hit every time :-)

Ankunft Rotaver-Belegschaft, Betriebsausflug Kraftwerke Handeck, (Grimsel)
Belegschaft Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimsel
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimsel, Stollenmassiv, Bildquelle
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimsel, Bildquelle
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimsel, Bildquelle
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerke Handeck, Grimsel (Impressionen)
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimsel, Arbeiten in einer Turbinenkammer, Bildquelle Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG
Rotaver Ausflug Kraftwerk Grimseln, Detail aus der Kristallkluft, Bildquelle Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG

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