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Heating oil tanks (underground storage tanks)


Proven, robust and safe tanks for the storage of heating and diesel oil.

Glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin (GRP) is immune to aggressive media. Even under extreme temperature influences, it neither changes shape nor rusts or ages. On the contrary, GRP remains absolutely leak-proof.

ROTAVER has been relying on GRP for years, as has space travel, and swears by the stable form, which was already used by the famous deep-sea explorer Prof. Picard 11,000 metres below sea level and easily withstood a water pressure of 183,000 tonnes.

Our space-saving, three-walled and buried oil tanks ensure optimum safety thanks to inter-tank space monitoring and vacuum leakage warning device.

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Available sizes and further information on our heating oil tanks can be found in the following documentation or plan sketches.

Further notes:

  • Dimensions subject to change
  • Trafficability: 10t axle load
  • Test pressure: 0.2 bar
  • Sinking: usually by the master builder
  • Monitoring by ROTAVER mandatory

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